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Court Hill 2017

We all arrived at school with our bags and teddies, ready for our trip to Court Hill. I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. When everyone was there we drove up to White Horse Hill. Then we climbed out of the coach and walked for a very long time.

We explored the woods and built a monster of a den with long sticks. Then we climbed the tall trees. After that, we sat down on a branch and had a snack and then we kept on walking to a place called Wayland's Smithy. We had a little play there and found little treasures and scrolls in the rocks. Then we walked back to White Horse Hill and had our lunch. We ran around in the long grass and flew the kites in the breeze of the air. The kite made an aeroplane noise because the wind was so rough.

Next we headed back to the coach and travelled to Court Hill. We played in the woods and built dens and chairs to sit on.

Mrs King showed us our rooms and we unpacked all our stuff. Then we washed our faces and got ready for dinner. I loved dinner! It was pasta and bolognaise and for pudding we had apple crumble and ice-cream. It was delicious!

Next we got our jumpers on and went outside and watched the sun go down. Then we went back inside and Mrs King read us a bedtime story. After that we were all ready for bed.

In the morning, we woke up quite early and we did some drawing and read some books and played with the lego. We had cereals and a full English breakfast.

After that we packed our bags ready to go home and waited for our mums and dads to pick us up.

It was the best day of my life. I had an amazing time!


"The governors, headteacher, rector and staff are all united in a compelling vision of this church school supported by a parent body who actively share in this vision."



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